A mini break to Barcelona

After a few busy months, I treated myself to a mini break in Barcelona. I had an afternoon flight from Birmingham Airport, where I had a pub lunch with an obligatory pre holiday beer. The flight was with Ryanair, where I treated myself to a couple more beers and 2 hours later I had arrived in warm and sunny Barcelona.

Whilst there, I stayed at the St Christopher’s Inn Hostel, just a short 20 minutes away from the airport. On the evening of your day of arrival, the hostel organises an event where you get a chance to meet others staying at the hostel and they also tell you all the best tourist spots to visit and where the best clubs/bars are. During this event, I ended up meeting an awesome group of guys/girls who I spent the evenings hanging out with at the hostel bar/playing beer pong and also visiting some local bars.

During the days, I visited the Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona Football Stadium and other sights around the city. Due to time constrains, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit the La Sagrada Familia but there is always next time!

Below is one of my favourite images of the Barcelona Cathedral taken on a lovely warm sunny day.