Meera & Ravi's Civil Wedding

This past weekend I had the honour of photographing my sister Meera’s civil wedding.

It was a beautiful August day and we were all excited for the day ahead. She had chosen the Loughborough Registration Office for her civil wedding. Arriving ahead of time we met up with my brother in law’s family and got ourselves ready for the ceremony. After a 20 minute ceremony, they were officially married!

After shooting some images after the ceremony we then left for home where we had planned to have a BBQ! Once we arrived home, we got ourselves ready for the BBQ and before long, there was lots of food and drinks flowing. A great end to a great day!

Congratulations guys!

Baby Avi

I love when family come round to visit. This week my cousin Amish and my sister in Law Natisha have came from Canada to visit and they have brought a new addition to their family, my baby nephew Avi!

Whilst I do enjoy seeing Amish and Natisha, you can’t beat having a baby in the house! Avi is such a happy and fun baby to play with and we are making the most having him in the house.

Thanks for the photo Amish.