Meera’s Mehndi Night

As previously posted, my sister’s Indian wedding is in October. On the Wednesday before the wedding, my sister had to get her mehndi done.

Mehndi represents the bond of matrimony and signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families.

Here are some popular beliefs that are associated with this tradition:

  • The darkness of the mehndi colour on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple.
  • The mehndi colour also shows the love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.
  • The longer the mehndi retains its colour, the more auspicious it is for the newlyweds.
  • Mehndi is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility.

Her mehndi was done by the lovely Hina Pancholi and was done in a lovely decorated marquee outside in our garden.