Warwick Castle

As I am currently on furlough from work, I decided to head to Warwick Castle to explore the castle, the grounds and off course, shoot some images.

I remember visiting the castle during my school days, it was always good fun to buy plastic swords and play fight with your friends.

Warwick Castle was a short 45 minute drive away from my house. Upon arriving at the castle, I purchased my ticket and headed in. As it was summer holidays, the castle was very busy with kids and their parents.

Whilst wandering the grounds, I saw a beautiful peacock sitting on a hedge so decided to grab as many shots as I could. I have posted a few images from the grounds and one of the chapel inside. The below peacock image is one of my favourites.

I had a great day out and really enjoyed visiting Warwick Castle. The next castle I would like to visit is called Bolsover Castle in Derby, so stay tuned for that.

Stay safe everyone!